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Long Distance Relationship: Was It Worth It?

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“Distance isn’t an issue.”

They say nothing lasts in a long distance relationship. A love that is built miles away that only relies on the internet. Living in a different time zone, wherein you say good morning while receiving a good night message. It’s difficult, right?

How can two people survive the challenge of distance? How to stay in love with someone when the distance is in between? How to stay in love in a long distance relationship?

Maybe the keywords are: TrustTime, and Commitment.


It’s hard to trust someone, that’s normal, though. Trust is very important as it is where love starts. How can you love a person without trust? No one stays in love when the relationship is full of doubt. Even those who aren’t in a long distance relationship, they tend to argue more often due to lack of trust. 

People want to be trusted, but don’t even know how to trust, ironic huh?

That’s why there is “US” in between Trust. That means both of you are required to give trust to each other.


How to make time when you live in a different time zone?

It is not necessarily mean that you need to give your whole time. At least, make some time to talk with your partner, much better if both of you agreed to set a time for video call. Time is a form of communication. Tell your partner the things happen to you the whole day and ask the same thing. Talk about random stuff that could make you laugh so hard. Let them know the disappointment you had. Tell them what made you sad the whole day.


The most important thing is in a long distance relationship is commitment. Why?

When you are committed, you know your limits. Commitment is not actually a promise – it is the willingness to remain faithful to the person you love.

Love is overwhelming at the beginning of the relationship. But, what about the feeling when you are already in the middle of the relationship? Everything started to get rough. Frequent fights continue to happen. How to stay in this kind of relationship if the world you build together is slowly falling apart?

Cheating starts here. One of you tends to look for another person to get comfort. A person that is always there when you need a companion, and so, you forget the person living miles away.

But first, ask yourself; was it worth it? To let go of the person you love because things get rough. You prefer the other person because they are always there when you are sad. You choose the easy one, not the hard one.

But, wait…

What if things get rough again with that person? What will you do? Let go like what you did with your first?

There’s no perfect relationship.

Even the greatest, best, or cutest couple could face different struggles in a relationship. Problems make us grow to be a better individual.

You know what the real problem is?


People change.

Promises are broken.

Time is forgotten.

Distance is not a problem if you are willing to embrace everything. It’ll be worth it. All hardships are worth it.


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