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First Adventure: When in Baguio

For the past weeks, my life has changed so much. I discovered about the inner passion that I have inside my heart; to travel – travel with the person I love.

Looking back, there’s really not much to talk about our adventure. Although, the things that we did together were the most memorable and I will never forget for the rest of my life.

December 18, 2016 – I was really surprised because I didn’t expect that he’ll come home earlier than I expected. He told me that he’ll arrive on Monday (December 19, 2016). I even thought that I will be the one who will surprise him (as told by his cousins), but it turned out that it was his plan all along. That was just part of the plan – to pretend that I will be the one making amazing surprise for his homecoming, when in fact, it’s the other way around. Sabotage!

December 21, 2016 Baguio City – This was our first trip together. Basically, as a first time traveler, we were literally lost in the city. When we step out of the bus, a lot of people are walking and rushing across the street, plus the vehicles that makes the city even more busy. We have no idea where’s the hotel and literally walked from SM Baguio, to the public market (where we asked manong guard where’s the location of the Burnham Suites – our hotel). I thought it was the end of our long walk, but then again, we crossed the Burnham Park before we finally reach the hotel. So yeah, that was one of the most tiring yet memorable experience with him.

Even though we were really tired from walking, we still went on the Strawberry Farm that afternoon.

December 21, 2016 Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad Benguet – See our faces? Looks very tired, but our smile says: It’s worth it. yeah!

We picked strawberries (take note: 500PHP = 1 basket) with his friends Carla and Raiden. After the picking session, we decided to go back. But upon heading back to the hotel, there were no taxis available – we waited for almost an hour. Till finally, Raiden asked one of the taxi driver to drive us back to Burnham Suites.

That night, we were really out of energy. We did a little movie marathon, though. But he fell asleep and didn’t able to finish Lights Out. Funny thing is, I  kind of discovered that he’s making weird ZZZ sound while sleeping. Haha!

December 22, 2016 – Our second day! Oh my gosh, I though our first day will be the most tiring day of our trip – I was wrong. The second day was the most tiring one (worth it, though).

So first, we decided to go to the bus station for tickets (you see, it’s Christmas season during that time) so that there’s no need to rush the next day. But then, there’s no available trip going to Capas. Though, the Victory Liner Bus Station offers trip going back to Capas, but we didn’t even know where the F  we’re going. We asked several people where’s the location of the terminal and walked almost 1,000 miles, kidding!

To make the story short, we went there for nothing. The line was… ugh, I couldn’t even describe it using my own words. But looking at the bright side; we ate our lunch at Teriyaki Boy, yay!

After our lunch, we decided to go to Mines View Park. But then again, we need to search for taxi (struggle of not having your own vehicle, haha!). Good thing, manong driver (his name is manong Jhonny if I’m not mistaken) offered us to hire him instead and pay him per hour so that there’s no need to wait for another taxi.

December 22, 2016 Mines View Park – Tired? Hell yeah! Lol
December 22, 2016 The Mansion: Smile!

Even though we were really tired from our adventure, that night we went to Christmas Village (It was a chilly evening, btw. Brrr).

December 22, 2016 Christmas Village – Snow? Nope! Bubbles from washing machine, kidding!

Love is really an adventure. You can travel whenever you want; you can visit all the beautiful places here on earth. But you know what’s more exciting than traveling? Being with the person that you love. Like a win-win situation, you are traveling while making memorable moments with him.

In our situation, we shouldn’t waste our time because we are in a long distance relationship. I must admit, being in a long distance relationship is quite difficult. There’s only a certain time where we can travel together. We couldn’t do it often because we’re not standing on the same ground. But in the end, everything will be worth it. When the long wait is over, sadness will turn into laughter; loneliness will turn into hugs and kisses.

I never thought travelling with the person I love will be one of my most memorable trip that I will surely cherish forever. It was such an amazing experience and I’m looking forward for our next adventure.


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